8 Mouthwatering Recipes for Your Summer Party

Pellet grills and smokers are many people’s favorite cooking appliance. And there is a valid reason behind it. The roasted meat, sauces, and the roasted spices create a smoky flavor that attracts the people towards getting a good grill and smoker for any event, get together or spending some quality time with family. Do you have pellet grills and smokers? Here are some recipes for you to utilize it fully.

bacon explosion.jpg
  • Time-saving Bacon Explosion: This is on the top of the list because it is convenient to prepare and of course, it is bacon! The bacon and sausage are combined together with delicious sauce and are smoked for only three hours. What more do you want?

sweet bbq pork.jpg
  • Sweet BBQ Pork: The Korean style sweet BBQ pork is something that can be prepared on the grills easily. The ingredients are easily available in the local grocery stores and the process is not complicated if you follow the instructions well.

applewood smoked chicken.jpg
  • Applewood Smoked Chicken: This is delicious but easy to cook. As chicken does not take much time to be cooked, once you are done with the marinade with the garlic rub, brown sugar, paprika, it will take a short time to be cooked. The result will be mouthwatering saucy chicken.

lobster tails.jpg
  • Lobster Tails: The name itself activates the saliva gland, doesn’t it? It is a recipe that requires just three ingredients. Dipping the tails in the melted butter is a must at last.

buttery smoked corn.jpg
  • Buttery Smoked Corn: The vegans can also enjoy having pellet grills and smokers. Smoky corn with melted butter and spices taste amazing. The non-vegetarians can also relish it replacing corn with meat.

smoked turkey.jpg
  • Smoked Turkey: Be it the thanksgiving occasion or not, you can cook a turkey in pellet smokers. The low and slow method will take time to cook, but it will end up making the meat dry. You will get the juicy taste for the base of butter.

chicken with asparagus.jpg
  • Chicken with Beer Marinade and Asparagus: The smoky chicken when combined with beer marinated asparagus will make your mood. A perfect combo for a dinner.

smoked pork tacos.jpg
  • Smoked Pork Tacos: This meat is cut from the shoulder and is most tender of all. Nothing can be better than some crispy tacos filled with tender saucy pork to light up the evening. Moreover, you can add the meat in pizzas as well.

So, if you are a BBQ or smoke food lover, don’t delay in getting proper pellet grills and smokers for your next event. American Propane is there with you to help you with the guidance to pick the right one for you.