In 1948, Grant Hastings created a smoker for the aspiring outdoor chef. Today, each Hasty-Bake unit creates a unique cooking environment that produces meals that are superior in taste, giving one the flexibility to grill, bake or smoke their food. Every Hasty-Bake unit is constructed by hand from only the highest quality materials. With proper care, you can expect the black powder finished, cold-rolled steel ovens to last for 15 to 25 years or longer.

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Founded in 1996, Primo was George Samara’s answer to the only USA-made ceramic smoker with a patented oval design. The Primo gives you the option to grill, smoke or bake like the pros. This versatility makes the Primo a cost-effective answer for all your outdoor cooking needs. The combination of the Primo’s premium-grade ceramics along with natural lump charcoal is bound to create amazingly juicy meals with true charcoal flavor. This smoker is backed by a 20-year guarantee.

+ How to: setup for low & slow cooking

+ How to: Remove mold & mildew from your grill

+ How to: install a new gasket

+ How to: install a new thermometer

+ How to: remove moisture from the thermometer


Summit® Charcoal Series

Benefits of the Summit® Charcoal Grill

+ Rapidfire® lid damper

+ two-position fuel grate

+ GC wire rack

+ lid thermometer

+ easy open lid hinge

+ stainless steel tool hook

Benefits of the Summit® Charcoal Grilling CenteR

+ bottom wire rack

+ rapidfire lid damper

+ snap-jet gas ignition

+ lid thermometer

+ hinged diffuser plate

+ char-bin storage container