In 1948, Grant Hastings created a smoker for the aspiring outdoor chef. Today, each Hasty-Bake unit creates a unique cooking environment that produces meals that are superior in taste, giving one the flexibility to grill, bake or smoke their food. Every Hasty-Bake unit is constructed by hand from only the highest quality materials. With proper care, you can expect the black powder finished, cold-rolled steel ovens to last for 15 to 25 years or longer.

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Founded in 1996, Primo was George Samara’s answer to the only USA-made ceramic smoker with a patented oval design. The Primo Grill is a grill, an oven, and a smoker all rolled into one “grill”.  This versatility makes the Primo a cost-effective answer for all your outdoor cooking needs. The Primo Patented Oval Design delivers simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. Grill thick sizzling steaks on the direct side, while roasting farm fresh asparagus on the indirect side. The ceramic shell and internal components of a Primo Ceramic Grill act as an insulator to hold in the heat and the natural moisture of food. It creates food that is incredibly juicy with an organic wood fire flavor. Metal grills radiate a great amount of heat, and pull the moisture out away from food. The Primo also reduces the chance of a burn injury, because the ceramic shell radiates for less heat than metal grills.  This smoker is backed by a 20-year guarantee.

+ How to: setup for low & slow cooking

+ How to: Remove mold & mildew from your grill

+ How to: install a new gasket

+ How to: install a new thermometer

+ How to: remove moisture from the thermometer


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American serviceman and entrepreneur Ed Fisher was one of those guys who discovered the domed clay cooker while overseas. He was amazed at how much better the food tasted, and he began to import them sensing that there might be an interest back home. When Ed opened the first Big Green Egg store in Atlanta in 1974, he sold a simple clay cooker based on the same design and materials that had been used thousands of years ago. As the Big Green Egg has evolved over recent years, significant changes have been made to keep it miles ahead of other “kamado” cookers. State-of-the-Art ceramics and a patented draft door and vent cap deliver a wide range of easily adjusted cooking temperatures from high-heat searing to low-and-slow smoking. Other improvements which have enhanced the traditional design include an easy opening spring-assisted hinge system and a durable stainless steel cooking grid.


Summit® Charcoal Series

The Webber Summit Charcoal Grill takes the guesswork out of charcoal grilling and brings our consumer the very best in design, functionality, and performance. With its gas powered charcoal ignition system this grill gives you the opportunity to use charcoal every day because of how fast it gets you up and running, similar to a gas grill.  

Benefits of the Summit® Charcoal Grill

+ Rapidfire® lid damper

+ two-position fuel grate

+ GC wire rack

+ lid thermometer

+ easy open lid hinge

+ stainless steel tool hook

Benefits of the Summit® Charcoal Grilling CenteR

+ bottom wire rack

+ rapidfire lid damper

+ snap-jet gas ignition

+ lid thermometer

+ hinged diffuser plate

+ char-bin storage container