What to Do If Your Smoker Grill Does Not Ignite

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The sign of a good working smoker grill is evenly distributed flame throughout the burners. When set in a high note, the flames will turn blue with yellow tips. When all the burners are on, there will be an even temperature on the cooking surface. If this is not happening, there must be something wrong with the cooking apparatus. What to do when your smoker grill does not ignite? Here are a few quick tips that you can follow. To learn about it completely, follow this blog.

Some grills are battery driven and some have push buttons. If the battery is drained out, replace it; or call a professional to fix the push button of your smoker grill in Oklahoma. Some grills have independent ignition and if it does not ignite, there is most likely a faulty wire or a faulty button. Without professional help, this is difficult to repair. If there is a single igniter and it does not light up, there must be something clogged inside the igniter.

Causes behind the Problems

First of all, check the propane tank or other sources of fuel. Make sure the burners are well connected with the fuel source; otherwise, it will not light up. Next check the electrical wirings. Make sure the electrode tips are in the right tips. Check the battery placement. Incorrect battery placement, corroded, oxidized or wet batteries can stop ignition. Last but not least, check the burners. If other conditions are fine, then the problem might come from the burners.

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In-Depth Solutions

  • The smoker grill perhaps has problems due to weather. If it is too humid or dry, the grill might have issues, especially in damp weather. The moist weather will block the pores of the burner and the dry weather can attract dust and clog the pores. In both cases, you may try to ignite it manually, generally though, this will not help and it will need a professional touch to repair your smoker grill in Oklahoma.

  • Dirty grills are one of the most common causes for not lighting. You need to make sure the electrodes are clean. Check the brackets and grates of the smoker grill.

  • Have some patience and try again if the burner does not ignite. A first attempt failure does not always mean that it has a problem.

If none of your attempts show the desired result, contact American Propane. They are the professionals to sell and repair smoker grills in Oklahoma. You are just a phone call away from making your next culinary creation.