Un-boxing Big Green Egg – What Is the Buzz All About?

big green egg

Who does not know about the phenomenon of a big green egg? If you are not till well-versed with this device, certainly you feel curious about why people are going crazy about it. This versatile cooking apparatus is the one which is taking the culinary world in a storm.

Where It Come from?

Let’s go back to the 1970s. An army veteran returned to the United States with a kamado oven in hand. It was oval in shape; this was very popular in Vietnam locals from where he had brought it. Later he started selling many items in his store including these ovens. But for many days those were kept in this store until he tried to cook chicken wings using it in front of his store. The smell of that food enticed people but it was the texture and taste that win people’s heart overnight. Since that day big green egg in OKC and everywhere else starts growing its popularity.

Why Big and Green?

The original material of this device is clay that cracked under high heat. That is why that army fellow used ceramic material developed by NASA that can withstand heat up to 5000C. That was the modern idea of a big green egg and from then on it is only available in one color. That army green color of big green egg in OKC and other parts of the country has incredible popularity because of cooking capability.

big green egg okc

Why Is It Different?

Apart from its all-enduring capability, it has other distinctive features that make it different. Here those are:

  • Withstand high heat
  • Available in different five sizes
  • A compact firebox i.e. designed to light all fuel evenly and quickly
  • Air control function
  • Can maintain a low temperature for a longer time

This device can cook perfect pizza and steak, exceptionally well for slow cooking, smoking food, especially for smoked salmon and fruits. The device structure and mechanism make it the rightest choice for cooking the most tender and delicious ribs, pulled pork and brisket due to a moist cooking environment.

For your big green egg in OKC visit American Propane. Choose any of the devices amongst five available sizes and you are ready to cook perfect smoked salmon.