Precautions for Using Outdoor Patio Heaters

outdoor patio heaters

When a party is on your mind, you can’t forget about it just because of cold weather. With outdoor patio heaters, why should you compromise on your fun? Heaters are essential items in every household, but an outdoor heater one is needed to continue the fun on the patio.

You may have been using outdoor heaters for a while, but even so, many accidents take place due to little faults or negligence. During the fun and enjoyment of your event, no such unpleasant incident is desired. Therefore, here are safety tips for using an outdoor patio heater at your home.

Facts to Know Beforehand

  1. You have to keep in mind that these heaters are for outdoor use only. Therefore, a well-ventilated area is required.
  2. High wind is not an appropriate condition in which to light up your outdoor patio heaters. It can blow the flame out or even tip the heater over, which is unsafe for everyone.
  3. Keep outdoor patio heaters out of children’s reach.
  4. Read the user manual before using a new heater to learn about the features, including the control panel and power buttons.
Lighting Up patio heater

While Lighting It Up

  1. Place the heater where you want it first, as moving a lit heater can be dangerous.
  2. Keep flammable objects away from the heater.
  3. If you notice gas leaking, turn the heater off immediately.
  4. Keep the heater in a shielded area to protect it from being blown out.
  5. Don’t arrange seating very close to the heater.
  6. Let the burner cool down before cleaning it, and do so outside.
  7. Keep the gas off unless you are using it.

Maintenance of Your Patio Heater

Whether you have purchased an affordable heater or splurged on something costlier, both can end up getting damaged, especially if regular maintenance is not properly done. Here are some maintenance tips that you can follow to boost the longevity of your outdoor patio heaters.

  1. Regularly check the hoses for damage. You can hire a professional for this to ensure it is done properly and safely.
  2. Check for leaks in the joints of the hose and cylinder.
  3. Check the air holes and vents for blockage. Keeping the equipment clean can prevent such problems.
  4. Keep the heater covered when not in use to prevent it from gathering dust.
  5. Store the heater in a dry place.
  6. Do not light up malfunctioning patio heaters, as this can be hazardous for you.

These are some common tips that the experts suggest you follow. If the maintenance of outdoor patio heaters seems troublesome to you, call American Propane, which provides installation, repair and maintenance for outdoor patio heaters.