Outdoor Patio Heaters - Most Common Problems

outdoor patio heaters

Outdoor patio heaters are one of the essential additions in freezing nights. This heater can make an evening most comfortable but if you find in the evening, this heater is not n a good working condition, it can be frustrating. So it is better to learn the common signs of problems that you can detect those earlier and call a professional to troubleshoot it soon.

Lack of heat generation

A patio heater has multiple components and all of those are required to perform well for heat generation. If you found the most typical problem with your heat that is lack of heat generation, you should call a professional. Upon trying to fix it on your own, perhaps you would make it messier. After encountering this, you should start checking gas supply and burner. In case there is a problem with burner, you can replace it. If you see a spark, thereafter it turns off; it could be a gas supply problem.

Problem with Gas Cylinder

There is also another possibility that the gas cylinder is empty that is why it does not ignite. You need to fill up the tank on time otherwise outdoor patio heaters will not work. If there is a problem with the gas cylinder, you can replace it or can ask professionals to repair it.

gas burner

Inspect Burners

Burners of these heaters are quite easier to assemble. Check the burners and clean regularly to remove debris and another clogging. Remember to check the burner apertures are set in the right way. Also, do not forget to check the chamber beneath the burner.

Check Regulator and Gas Pipe

The regulator takes gas to the burner and if this feature is not working, you need to repair it as soon as possible. On the other hand, you should monitor the gas pipe. In case if it is leaking you would be able to fix it as soon as possible.

The Pilot Light

One common issue with the heaters with the pilot light is a failure of thermocouple. This part has an inverted V shape and is located on the light. The temperature helps and ensures proper gas supply for the thermocouple. So, if the pilot light is not in a good condition, it may not work fine.

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A Few Additional Tips

  1. Make sure there is no dirt or dust around burner or pilot light. Keep those clean and away from insects.
  2. The gas cylinder should be full and turned to the ON position. Moreover. Check if the regulator is torn or not. If so, change it immediately.
  3. In winter, try to use propane. It works better in that season than butane.
  4. If you have a non-replaceable cylinder, make sure to repair it for leaks.

For your outdoor patio heaters or issues related to it, contact American Propane. They are professional enough and proficient also to determine the problem and fix it right away.