Nachos on Your Smoker Grill –Make the Snack Time Tempting

smoker grill Oklahoma

Bored with trying common recipes in your smoker grill? We can understand you may get annoyed on preparing same old dishes using your grill. After all, after researching a lot you have bought your smoker grill for your new home in Oklahoma. Same old chicken breasts or beef steaks rubbed with spices might not tempt you now at all. Let’s try nachos this weekend? Haven’t you ever thought of it? We will now share the most common dish often served as a snack is mouth-watering.

You can either make it as a diet-busting dish topping with glue-like cheese or can grill it and make a perfect snack for your diet that is also good for your cheat days.

The nutritional breakdown depends on the ingredients completely, though the tortilla chips, cheese and herbs are the main essentials of making nachos. A typical tortilla chip has 15 calories whereas a baked or grilled one is only about six calories. Different variations of nachos have different toppings like beef, jalapenos, meats, tostada, shredded cheese and sauce. Here we will describe a traditional way of making nachos that can you prepare easily using your smoker grill.

Preparation for Four Servings

Preparation time –five minutes

Cooking time – five minutes


Olive oil –one tablespoon

An extra-large handful of tortilla chips

Black beans drain –15 oz

Store brought or homemade salsa sauce –one cup

Red onions –two-third cup

Jalapenos–two-third cup

Shredded cheddar cheese –one cup

Sliced green onion, fresh cream or yogurt, hot sauce for topping (optional)

smoker grill Oklahoma

How to Make It?

  • Fire the smoker grill in medium heat and keep the grates above six inches of the coal.

  • Put 12-inches sheets (total four) over the surface and brush it with olive oil. Now put a generous amount of tortilla chips on the sheets. Now divide beans, salsa and pickled onions on the chips. Now sprinkle cheese over the chips’ pile.

  • Fold sides of the sheet to the middle to meet and roll the edges over each other to seal it. Next, fold another two ends of the foil and seal the packet. Place these foil packets directly over the heat and wait for five minutes. Now open the packets carefully to let the steam get out. Be careful with the steam because it could be very hot. If you found the cheese is not melted yet, put the packet overheat again for two minutes maximum.

  • Serve these hot and top it with green sauce, onion and dollop of cream or yogurt.

If you do not have a grill, you can make it in an oven but that is critical. But for the traditional taste, a smoker grill is always the best. Buy your smoker grill from American Propane in Oklahoma and start relishing over these snacks.