Must Avoidable Mistakes with Built-in Gas Grills

Grilled food, sunset and summer – what can be a more attractive combination?

Food is something we all enjoy from within, it feeds our soul also rather than filling up the stomach. Sometimes under the excitement of cooking or trying new recipes, we forgot the basics of a grilling and cooking. Here we will discuss some must avoidable mistakes while cooking on built in gas grills and others.

dirty grill.jpg

A Dirty Grill

Regular cooking on a grill makes oil, food remnants and burnt food deposits on the surface. When not cleaned, these can mix up with a new dish and make everything very unhygienic. Food remnants and grease on the surface easily collect germs. Food sticks to a grimy surface as well. A clean grill means you are out of all this mess.

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Putting Cold Meat

Grilling a food needs a certain temperature. You cannot take out meat out of the refrigerator and start grilling. Let it come to the room temperature and start preparing.

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Flipping the Food

Of course, for buttering and to grill both sides you need to flip the meat. But flipping excessively can spoil the taste of the food. Flipping is necessary but over-flipping will not allow spices to settle and you will end up with an improper dish.

poke meat with fork.jpg

Poking and Prodding

Poke the meat and understand if it is cooked or not. But poking unnecessarily will collapse the taste of the food. Just let it sit for a good time and then poke with a fork.


Excessive Heat / Less heat

Excessive heat will burn the food obviously. Sometimes, heat does not burn the food but makes it harder and tougher to digest. Food fibers are delicate and cannot withstand much heat. Similarly, less heat is the major reason of under-cooked food. Before you start grilling, preheat the device. If you do not preheat, you can see flames there quickly, that does not mean grill is ready to cook food.

temperature detting grill.jpg

Fixed Temperature

For every type of ingredient and item, there is no fixed temperature. If you are cooking different types of meat on the built-in gas grill, be cautious about the temperature. Moreover, the preheating process is also not the same for all types of food.

For your ultimate choice of built in gas grill, contact American Propane. Now you already know what you should avoid. Now buy a grill and start using it on your next eventful days.