Learn How to Estimate the Fuel Left in Your Propane Tank

propane gas grill

Imagine you have thrown a party in your backyard and you are grilling food to serve the guests; out of the blue, the propane gas grill has stopped working and you have realized that the fuel, the propane gas is insufficient to cook the rest of the food. Wouldn’t the situation be extremely embarrassing? You may control damage by some alternatives, but the flavor of the party will be lost.

To avoid such circumstances, you need to get your propane gas grill prepared for an event. You can’t replace a tank which contains enough gas and it is not safe either. Therefore, you need to know when it is ready for the replacement. The estimate of how much gas you have is important to be made before you plan anything based on the grill you have.

Here is a quick guide to estimate how much gas your tank is left with.

Hot Water

Fill a small bucket with hot water and pour it down the side of the tank. Feel the tank and find the cool spot. The top of the cool spot is the level of the gas in the tank. The science behind the same is that that liquid propane absorbs the heat from the water and that makes the metal tank cool to touch. The rest of the part which is empty will remain warm. This method wouldn’t tell you the exact amount of the gas, but it is quite helpful.

propane tank

Check the Weight

Dealing with the propane gas grill for a long time will make you acquainted with the normal weight of the tank. By lifting the tank, you will be able to understand if the tank has enough fuel, or it needs a replacement. You can weigh the tank for a better idea. Generally, an empty tank weighs 17 pounds and it is capable of holding 20 pounds of propane. Make the little calculation while weighing the tank and you will understand how much fuel you are left with.

The Gauge

You can also invest in the gauge if you want to estimate the actual quantity of the propane gas. There are mainly three types of gauges available in the market; Inline pressure gauges, analog propane scales and digital propane tank scales.

You can contact the professionals of American Propane to know the right usage of the gauge to know the left fuel in the tank. For more information, stay tuned to them.