How to Use a Smoker Grill to Get the Desired Outcome?

smoker grill

No matter which type of smoker grill you are using, it allows you to control the process. If you are a barbecue lover, you must have used a smoker grill to prepare the meat. Unfortunately, we have gotten some complaints regarding the desired results of using a smoker grill in Oklahoma. The reason is not the appliance you are using but the method itself.

There are many types of smoker grills, and each of them requires a unique method to use, but there are some basic methods. Despite investing a lot of money, you may fail to get the aroma, desired tenderness and typical barbecue taste, and the misuse of the smoker grill is very much responsible for that. Therefore, here we set forth the right way to use a smoker grill to get the best outcome.

  • The desired temperature of the smoker grill is 2250F, so try to maintain it. If the temperature is higher or lower, it will affect the meat. In order to keep the temperature stable, you must monitor it. The temperature fluctuation can be controlled by adding more fuel.
  • Once the meat is ready to be placed in the smoker grill, you need to fire up the smoker. We recommend using cold meat in the smoker. It more quickly absorbs the smoke, resulting in enriched taste. While firing it up, you need to put a full load of charcoal in the grill and light it in the chimney starter. Until it starts to ash over, keep it as it is. The experts of smoker grills in Oklahoma prefer wood as a flavor maker over any other fuel.
  • Needless to say, the fuel needs oxygen to stay lit. Therefore, to control the temperature of the smoker grill, check the oxygen intake of the vents. First, open the baffles and then adjust the baffle intake.
smoker grill Oklahoma
  • Wood chunks are always preferred to wood chips. To cook the meat, you need to assure a slow and consistent fire. It may take time for the wood chunks to process the cooking, but it is the way to let the meat absorb the smoke properly.
  • If you add moisture to the smoke, it will affect the meat. The humidity helps the meat absorb the smoky flavor.
  • To get the conventional smoky taste in the meat, you need to be patient. The meat needs time to become tender and absorb the full flavor. Whereas chicken needs a temperature of 165oF, for beef it should be higher. Therefore, the time span will vary according to the meat.

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