How to Stop Food to Stick on the grill Surface?

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Grilling is fun, this is the most enjoyable part of a party where it serves both taste buds and mind. You can include or even allow your guests to partake in grilling if they are interested. But the entire experience can be a headache if the food starts to stick with the surface. When we relish the smell, the flavor and the environment altogether, if food is not up to the mark, it takes no time to spoil the mood. If you are wondering how to prevent the meat or any other food from sticking to the surface of built-in gas grills, here we will provide the best solutions.

Clean the Surface: After each of the grilling session, clean the surface using a good cleaner. A dirty surface will absorb the oil coating and you will have a hard time to flip over the food item. Moreover, pay attention to the grids. The dirty grids not only will contaminate the food but also make the grilling difficult. So, make sure to remove burnt sauce, the leftover of old steaks and whatever else are there on the surface.

Heat the Surface: Before you start grilling, make sure it has the right temperature. Preheating the grill to the right temperature helps to cook meat. Overheating or under-heating will either leave the food burnt or undercooked. If the grill is not hot enough, it will start to create a chemical reaction with the food and it will stick to the surface.

The Slope: Do not use oil on a low smoke point. Adding oil to the cooking mix is important but at a low point, there will be a chemical reaction. The oil will start to carbonize and smoke. It will make the taste bitter and the non-sticky surface a sticky one. For the built-in gas grills, you can either choose a high smoke point for putting oil or instead of oiling the grid, put the oil on the food.

grill cleaning

A Few More Tips:

  • Try to burn off the previous residue with high heat.
  • Clean the grids.
  • Stabilize the heat to the desired temperature.
  • Pat the food to dry, and then rub with seasonings and oil.
  • Cook until you see the grill marks on food, only then flip.

Take a note of these tips provided by the American Propane, one of the best built-in gas grills manufacturer in Oklahoma City.