How To Choose The Right Pellet Grills And Smokers

pellet grills and smokers

Can you imagine your outdoor party without the grilled food? Doesn’t it feel dull without the aroma of smoked meat? If you don’t have an outdoor grill or smoker and you are planning for an outdoor party, don’t be carried away with the impressive advertisements. The quality of the products is not questioned here, but it is possible that they wouldn’t suit your place. Sounds confusing? Here is a guide to look at, before buying the outdoor pellet grills and smokers.

Pellet grills and smokers have many variants. Depending on the size, purpose, fuel, installation and features - the types are segregated. Briefing up the responsible factors of the variants will help you to make your mind.

Fuel Types

According to the fuel types, the grills and smokers are divided into four sections.

  1. Charcoal: This is the traditional type to get the best BBQ flavor. A lump of charcoal or the briquettes are burnt here to heat up and cook the meat. Heat regulation is difficult here. You may have to spend some extra bucks and perform a tedious task for cleaning.
  2. Electric: Heats up quickly as it takes 120-volt to 220-volt. Much convenient and portable than the previous one but lacks the original taste.
  3. Radiation: The burner generates radiation and it cooks meat with the produced heat from it. It is time-saving and less costly as you can skip the fuel cost.
  4. Gas: This is mimicry of charcoal. Lava rock, ceramic stones, pumice stones and the heat plates are the alternatives used here. It needs 240-volts of electric connection. This user-friendly grill is not portable. You are eligible to choose between natural gas or propane gas.
pellet grill

Way of Installation

How and where you want to install the pellet grills and smokers is also a dominant factor to choose between several installation types.

  1. Built-in: The name itself states how it is. This is a settled grill in a surrounding base. The base can be of cement or stone. You can opt for a custom base as well.
  2. Free-standing: This is the most popular choice for outdoor pellet grills and smokers. This is a portable grill with a complete look. User-friendly in nature and can be used with any fuel.
  3. Portable: The basic feature lies in its portability. This can be a free-standing grill with a small tabletop model. It can be heated with propane, electric or charcoal.
  4. Post-mount: This is also a built-in grill on a singular stand. You can install it in the outdoor areas allowing a fancy look.

Apart from these types, you can get pellet grills and smokers with infrared burner, halogen burner, side burner and many others. Decide according to your needs and preferences. American Propane can help you out in this case.