How Pellet Grills and Smokers Work: Your Questions Answered

pellet grills and smokers

Summer is the time for outdoor parties, but last year your events were incomplete without a pellet grill. This year, you have already shortlisted some mouthwatering recipes from a cookbook and bought a pellet grill. But do you know how it works? You have probably read the manual provided by the manufacturer, but there is more information regarding pellet grills and smokers that you should know about.

A pellet grill is a unique combination of a grill and a smoker, and this appliance is often preferred by cooking enthusiasts over propane or gas grills. If you look at the different parts of a pellet grill, you will see a large storage box on the side for storing pellets. In the front section, there is a digital controller inside the hopper for temperature, and some of the models also have a fan at this part. Under the lid of the grill, there are grates, often made of cast iron. Finally, under the grates, there is a grease tray along with a heat shield. The pellet grill should have an attached smoke chimney, grease collector, ignition for starting the grill and a firebox.

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How do pellet grills and smokers work?

First, you should start with filling the hopper. Generally, you can use any type of pellets in your grill, and the taste of your food will vary based on the pellet type. Next is the digital controller. This controls the temperature and the cooking time. Lower heat will make your food more juicy, and higher heat reduces the cooking time.

Your method of ignition depends on the type of pellet grill. The modern models have an ignition button, while the older ones need a lighter. 

Digital controls determine the number wood pellets required for cooking based on the cooking time and the temperature. The augur that moves the pellets to the firebox gets this information from the controller. Thus, the pellets move over the flames, and this creates smoke and heat. The fan circulates the smoke and the spreads it all over the food, giving the food an authentic smoky taste.


Different types of pellet grills and smokers

Pellet grills are cleanly divided into two types: electric grills and gas smokers. The electric type does not need propane to ignite, whereas the gas smokers require propane. With the gas smokers, you should always keep a cylinder as a backup, and with electric grills, safety is the primary concern.

American Propane has extensive designs of pellet grills and smokers for you to choose from. These are functional and modern and will help you prepare the best smoked ribs for your next party.