Don’t Let Your Barbeque Party End Up In Flames: A Few Safety Tips

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As one of the most popular traditions of the culinary culture of the U.S., grilling has witnessed some major changes. The cooking style, ingredients and even grills have undergone a lot of changes—in a positive way, of course. The primary purpose of most of these changes was to enhance the taste of food without forgetting its roots. Many people love the traditional smoky flavor of grilled food. While the basic ingredients like spices and meat have stayed mostly the same, the major changes can found with the equipment. Most food enthusiast now prefer to use a propane gas grill. Here are some of the most attractive facts about gas grilling, followed by a few safety tips to keep your party cool.

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Gas Grills: The Most Popular Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Propane gas grills are one of the most popular styles of grills, and the reasons for this are many. This type of grill gives the convenience of firing up and cooking with little preparation time and no need for regular deep cleaning. Though the traditionalists swear on charcoal grills in terms of flavor, the propane gas grill is portable and can have five burners altogether. The grilling surface generally comes in the form of stainless steel sheets, iron grates or porcelain-covered steel bars. These grills are divided into two categories: PSG A-Series and T-Series grills.

The BTU rating and the cooking area determine the price of A-Series grills. These grills are manufactured from brass, porcelain-covered steel, commercial steel or permanent mold aluminum. Compared to this, the T-Series gas grills have better reliability and safety. This is more applicable for commercial cooking. The materials used to engineer this type of grill are durable enough to withstand harsh weather elements. T-Series grills also have a unique auto shutoff feature: after 60 minutes, the gas flow timer will shut off on its own if it is left unattended.

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Safety Tips You Should Know:

  • You should not use open flame cooking devices in flammable areas, patios or decks.
  • There are some rules about using gas grills, so it best to know those rules before buying a grill.
  • Never leave the grill unattended, as this can invite unwanted disasters.
  • Grills require regular maintenance. If a grill is not properly maintained, it may cause a fire due to an obstruction in the fuel path. Apart from dirt, insects can also make their nests inside, and a regular inspection can prevent these issues.
  • Do not fill the cylinder to more than 80 percent of its capacity.
  • Keep the valve plugged when the cylinder is not connected to the grill. Note that this rule is not applied to the coupling or quick connect valves.
  • Do not forget to keep the lid open while lighting the grill.
  • Do not lean over the cooking area.
  • Do not add too much food on the grill, especially fatty foods like meat. The fat will drip down and might cause a fire.
  • The propane tank should be connected properly.  According to a recent survey, 47 percent of gas grill fires are caused by equipment misuse or operational issues.
Seasoning a Grill

Seasoning a Grill:

A propane gas grill should be seasoned before the first use, so that you will experience smooth cooking and the grates will get hotter more quickly. Another advantage is that seasoning the grill will remove dust and metal shavings from the grill. To season your grill, coat the surfaces of the cooled grates using peanut oil or canola oil. Heat the grill for 15 minutes before cooking or until it starts smoking.

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