Cream of the Crop Recipes to Prepare in Built-in Gas Grills

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If you are afraid of the idea of grilling and trying new recipes, this is the time you should stop. You should follow the secrets of grilling – rest is easier. No one can beat you to earn the title of a ‘master-chef’ of your home. When you are dealing with Napoleon built-in gas grills, you should have an idea on how to deal with it.

Start with cleaning the grill, you can follow manufacturer’s manual for that. Next go through the recipe thoroughly and gather all the ingredients required. If required, preheat the grill and collect all tools like paper towel, heat resistant gloves, pot holders, fire prevention kit, oil brushes etc. After that, try to differentiate between direct and indirect heat. Do not overcrowd the grilling surface putting a lot of raw food. Until you are done with cooking, keep attention to the cooking device. After cooking also, do not forget to clean it properly.

In Oklahoma City, Napoleon built-in gas grills are quite popular. To spread this popularity more, here are the best and tastiest dishes in a reverse order that you can prepare using it.

Rib Roast – This basil and garlic marinated roast has a wonderful crust on it. People generally tend to avoid this dish because the prime rib is expensive and without having the right knowledge, there is a high chance of spoiling it. But with Napoleon grills, you can make this food fit for a king easily.

Bratwurst Dinner – If you have any imagery vision of comfort food, this is the one. Beer-braised bratwurst that is heated in a grill is served on a thick layer of mashed potato with a topping of beer and fried onions.

Sous Vide Rump Roast – This Scot-inspired dish needs a tough cut of meat and the right recipe turns it in a mouth-watering delicacy. This succulent meal keeps meat juices intact and searing on the grill makes it ready to melt in your mouth.

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Grilled Haddock with Spicy Rice – Taste of this dish justifies its seventh spot in the table. Known as peri-peri, Portuguese flavored rice with haddock fillets are flooded with melted butter makes it Ambrosia of all times.

Rotisserie Chicken – Roasted chicken is the first lesson a chef always learns. Though this dish is easy to cook on a rotisserie it becomes more delightful when cooked on a grill.

Pork Back Ribs with a Brine Rub – This is a divine dish that you can give your guests for enjoying at the next party. There could be nothing better than this recipe for a cocktail party.

Taco Dip – Ground beef seasoned with herbs and taco and clubbed with cheesy dip – Isn't your mouth watering? Enjoy this hot and baked creamy dip at a lazy evening with your partner.

Rotisserie Prime Rib Roast – If there is an epitome of luxury eating, you can name it. There are quite valid reasons to put this on the third position in this list.

Whole Lobster – You are truly a chef when you know how to cook a whole lobster that too in a Napoleon built-in gas grill. Napoleon side burner that is for boiling water can help to avoid a mess.

Venison Jerky – There could be no other recipe that is at the same time easy to cook and tastes heavenly. This is the fastest to make and quite naturally holds the first position.

For the recipes in detail or to know more about Napoleon built-in gas grills, you must visit our web page. American Propane is a proud supplier of Napoleon grills, for any query you can contact us.