Bulgogi: The Key Points You Should Remember before Cooking


If you are a foodie to a fault, you must be eager to taste different and unique cuisines all over the world, right? If you love to taste the grilled food and there is a party on your mind, make your built-in gas grills ready for the sizzling upcoming event with Bulgogi. If your guests have not tasted this dish, they will compliment you and if they had, they will praise you for the choice. But before keeping Bulgogi as the main food of the party, you should learn some important information on it.

What Is Bulgogi?

This is basically a traditional Korean grilled dish based on marinated beef or pork with fruit slices and juice. Depending on your built-in gas grills, you can caramelize the meat or give it a smoky perfection.

Seems mouthwatering? It is not a difficult recipe, but you need to pay attention to some of the factors that determine its powerful taste. Here you go.

flank steak

Choice of Beef: Generally, for bulgogi, the flank steak is used. But the traditional recipe encourages using the ribeye, short ribs, pork shoulder etc. for making this preparation. As the flank steak is widely available and affordable as well, this is mostly used now, for bulgogi.

Marinade: As it is mentioned before that the meat should be marinated well with the sauce, fruit juice, brown sugar, oil, pepper flakes etc. The Asian Pears can be used as a powerful marinade for the beef. Along with pears, the others juicy fruits like papaya, kiwi should also be used as a marinade. These fruits are high in enzyme and help in tenderizing meats and the fruity sweetness adds a caramel note in the meat. Just make sure that you leave the meat to marinate for at least two hours. Cook the meat within 12 hours of marinade or store it in the freezer.  

built in gas grills

Cooking: Traditional bulgogi is cooked on a traditional grill where the direct flame is used to cook the meat leaving the sensuous smoky taste. But you can also cook it in the built-in gas grills. Just make sure you cook the meat in two batches so that the over-crowding do not make the meat steamed instead of making it brown.

Serving: The technique of serving food is imperative for a cook to know. Different food in different cuisine demands special and unique attention while serving. For bulgogi, a rice bed is perfect for this juicy meat served with pickled and fresh fruits wrapped in lettuce. Add sprinkling green onion to add spice in its look.

Last, but not the least, the preparation will not fall into its desired place if you don’t have the right built in gas grills for the cooking purpose. Seek help from American Propane to get the best grill for your next party.