Big Green Egg – The Mystery of Finely Grill Salmon Fish

big green egg okc

The traditional smell and taste of smoked fish is something we all relish. But most of us do not know how to get that perfect mouth-watering flavor. The key lies in the right ingredients, cooking apparatus, temperature and many to cook perfectly smoked salmon. Let’s start the process of this drool-worthy dish rather than discussing more on introduction.

In OKC, people use a big green egg and follow the mentioned process to cook this dish.  

Dry Cure Ingredients

  • Chopped garlic – two cloves

  • Black pepper – ½ tsp

  • Grated ginger 1 tsp

  • Brown sugar – 1 cup

  • Kosher salt – ½ cup

  • Crumbled bay leaves – two leaves

Dry Cure / Brine Instructions

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and spread evenly on both sides of salmon fish fillet.

  • Cover the fillet with a saran wrap and refrigerate it for eight hours.

  • After eight hours, take out it from the refrigerator and wash off all the ingredients really well. Remember, nothing should be left there.

  • Place the fillet again in the refrigerator next two hours to completely dry it off.

  • After two to three hours the fish fillet will be tacky to touch and ready to grill.

salmon fish fillet

Brining the Fillet

Before brining, the fish is soft and supple. After eight hours, it will turn stiff. This brine process pulls a lot of moisture from fish and after a few hours of air drying, it can be put on the big green egg.

Why Dry Fillets?

You may think why you need to dry out the fillet? Will it not deprive you of the taste? Certainly not. The culinary experts of big green egg in OKC explain it beautifully. When you keep the fillet for a few hours in a refrigerator, a pellicle starts forming on the fish surface. It captures smoke, and without this step, you will not get that tantalizing taste.

Wood Chips Soaking

If you want mild flavor, applewood will be the preferred choice. For a stronger one, you can opt for hickory or mesquite. You can try different options to know what you like the most or prefer. Regardless of the wood types, you should soak it into the water for at least one hour to help regulate the speed of smoke once those are placed on the grill.

Grill Preparation

It needs close attention. Lit up the grill and bring your preferred temperature ensuring the fire is evenly spread and bring down that temperature to 180 degrees. Once the temperature is dropped down, add woodchips inside that big green egg.

grill salmon fish

When Is It Ready?

Only when internal temperature reaches 160 degrees, that salmon fish is ready to serve. The fish will turn deep orange or red and will get a firm texture. The longer you will smoke it, the better taste you will get. Do not rush, give it the required time.

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