An Elaborated History of Barbecue: A Worth-Learning


Do you think your party to be incomplete without barbeque foods? Do you check your grills at first before any event you plan for? Does the smoky flavor always make your mouth watery? You are the true barbeque lover then. Wouldn’t you feel knowing the fascinated history of this delicious platter? Here are some important facts for you digging up the ‘tasty’ history.

In the United States, barbeque is very popular. This had shared a keen relationship with all the states of the U.S. The preferences are different from place to place. In Texas, people are more into beef over oak, whereas the Carolinas love pork over hickory and Kentucky are fond of smoked mutton. These are not all. There are loads of styles of barbeque and there is an ongoing argument also regarding the inventor of the purest form of it.

Now there are propane gas grills and electrical smokers for BBQ in Oklahoma and many other states of America, but in the earlier days, there was only coal used as the fuel to burn the meat. Now, BBQ is known as the combination of Western European and Native American techniques and it is researched by Robert Moss, author of Barbeque: The History of an American Institution.

Before the 19th century, the barbeque was not formalized as the social ritual to unite people in one place for the election campaigns. Around the year 1920, restaurants have started getting permanent barbeque pits to beat the roadside stalls that used to trade in the barbeque meat earlier. The golden era of barbecue was from the 1930s to 1950s. It is not that people are not in love barbecue anymore; definitely, they are, but the versions have changed.

BBQ smoker Oklahoma

The United States does not claim the invention credit of barbecue, but it is an undeniable fact that this food type has developed itself with the American spirit. Native Americans were very much into it. They used to take the grid of sticks for drying and smoking the meat. They didn’t follow the cooking or roasting process. The meat used to be much higher than the flame. They let it be absorbed in the smoke and preserve it.

From the 19th century onwards, the graph of barbecue popularity never fell down. The roadside stalls first started roasting the meat of cow, sheep, goats, turkey etc. on wooden poles or iron bars. The sauce was a combination of butter, vinegar, red pepper and salt. Seeing the popularity of the roasted meat in the roadside stalls, the restaurants adopted their idea and started trading in this.

Slowly the regionalization of the barbecue food had started, and people started getting different types of barbecue meat depending on the place they live. For example, the taste and the look of the meat made in BBQ smoker of Oklahoma used to vary from Texas a lot.

After the golden era of barbecue between the 20s to the 50s, Burger King and McDonald took up the market. McDonald at first also started their business with barbecue food, but later they switched to burgers, shakes and fries. Because of the low price and instant food, people welcomed them heartily. But later in the 1980s, again, people rediscovered the barbecue and the journey after the reincarnation is smooth and shiny till now.