5 Steps to Burp Your Tank and Fix Your Propane Gas Grill

propane gas grill

It is really embarrassing if you have hosted a party, but your guests are waiting as your propane grill has some problems. You may witness that the propane grill is either unable to start at all or it does not heat up fast. You might be utterly confused with the problem as you already have checked the tank and pipes. Those are full and running without any leak respectively. Then what causes your grill to let you down in front of your guests? Maybe, you need to burp your propane gas grill.

What is burping by the way? This blog will tell you about this process that can save you in this critical situation from being embarrassed.

For learning about burping, you need to go through the basics of propane gas grill. Most of the people use this at their home or restaurants, but they barely know about the basics of it. In order to use the trick, this is an imperative step.

Through the propane regulator, the shutoff valve is connected to the grill and it is used to regulate gas flow. It is mandatory to have this feature in the propane gas grill as it can prevent any unpleasant incident like fire break out through an explosion. Depending on the handling, it can be tripped when there is a pressure change. It occurs occasionally if you turn on the burners before opening the tank valve. And also, when there is abrupt weather fluctuation.

The main source of the problem is the bypass valve of the regulator. For excess pressure, the valve may stop the gas exit and stuck in this position. In this situation, you need to reset the bypass valve, that is called burping.

propane gas grill

How to Do It?

  1. Open the hood of the grill and make sure there is no gas building inside.
  2. Turn off the burners and ensure that those are really shut off.
  3. Now, turn off the valve of your propane tank. Twist it to the last so that it completely shuts off.
  4. Take the propane tank now like you do while changing it.
  5. A hissing sound would ensure that the propane tank has burped.

Don’t start the grill immediately. Wait for at least 30 seconds to reconnect the gas tank with the grill and let it reset the regulator on its own. Reconnect the hose and tighten it. now, open the propane valve. Make sure you do it very slowly to avoid tripping of the regulator. After that, turn on the valve and the burner as well. Keep an eye on the burner flame. It should be high this time. While turning them off, make sure that you turn them off one by one.

If you have completed the steps successfully and have noticed a satisfactory result, you have burped your propane tank. Avoid such incidents by purchasing the propane gas grill from a reputed company like American Propane.