5 Popular Patio Heaters of 2018

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Outdoor patio heaters can be primarily classified into three types on the basis of fuel requirements: solid fuel, gas and electric. Each one has their individual positives and negatives.

Electric patio heaters (infrared and halogen) are popular because they offer immediate heat and cool down quickly too. However, electricity comes with a cost. Patio heaters that run on gas can heat a larger space but are more costly than electric heaters. The third variety of patio heaters include those that use solid fuel like charcoal or firewood. These heaters are effective but emit smoke and need constant refilling.

Below are the pros and cons of some of the most popular patio heaters of 2018.

Firefly 2KW Freestanding Electric Patio Heater

This Firefly patio heater runs on electricity and includes a plug socket and cable, making it easy to install. The height is adjustable (68.7 in.–82.7 in.), and this heater offers three settings for temperature control starting with 650 W, then 1350 W, and the highest is 2000 W. Moreover, it heats up instantly, and the lamp emits bright light. It is suitable for small spaces, and this heater is definitely worth its price.


  • Safe for both inside and outside use
  • Instant heating mechanism
  • Three settings for temperature control
  • Produces both light and heat
  • Budget friendly


  • Does not have the capacity to heat up a large area
  • Not so attractive in appearance

Marko Garden Gas Patio Heater

This outdoor gas heater is the most cost-effective heating device in its category without wheels or tabletops. It is fueled by propane or butane. Its heating is adjustable and can go up to 14 kW. But to produce such a high amount of heat, it will consume one kilo of fuel in just one hour.


  • Generates high heat
  • Warms up a large space


  • High maintenance cost

La Hacienda Oxford Contemporary Steel Chiminea Patio Heater with Wood Storage Facility

Though the majority of chimineas from La Hacienda have a traditional Mexican look, this model has a contemporary appearance. It is made of steel and has built-in wood storage. It is necessary to protect it from moisture, as thin steel can rust easily.


  • Contemporary appearance
  • Made of steel and hence does not break in the colder season


  • Does not heat up a large space
  • Thin steel can rust, thus maintenance is required

Shadow Noir Zero Light

This patio electric heater is expensive, is innovative in design and has the ability to produce heat up to 3200 W. It gives immediate heating like any electric heater, but it does not emit bright light as halogen heaters do. It is water resistant and thus can be mounted anywhere. The heater has the capacity to heat up an area of 59 square feet.


  • Generates heat without producing light
  • Instant heat, works efficiently
  • Innovative design
  • Water resistant


  • Expensive

La Hacienda Camping Firebowl with Grill

This product is extremely popular because of its portability. This heater is great for camping, has foldable legs, is not huge (about 22 inches wide and 15 inches high) and comes with a carry bag. Apart from being an outdoor heater, it also functions as a BBQ grill and has a mesh cover too.


  • Portable, comes with a carry bag
  • Legs can be folded


  • Does not fit very small cars
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If you are planning to buy outdoor patio heaters, please visit one of the American Propane showrooms in Oklahoma City to learn more about these and other options.