5 Maintenance Tips for a Sparkling, Pristine and Efficient Outdoor Kitchen

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When summer arrives, your backyard will most likely start to fill up with people. After all, it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and pleasant weather. To add more fun, what about planning something in your backyard? The idea of an outdoor kitchen in OKC sounds great. If you already have an outdoor kitchen, it may need renovation or at least a thorough cleaning to make it presentable for summer parties. Renovation of the entire outdoor kitchen may burn a hole in your pocket, so instead, we suggest you follow some maintenance tips to keep your kitchen pristine, sparkling and efficient.

Since it is summer, an outdoor kitchen must bear with exposure to not only dust and dirt but the heat as well. Therefore, to prevent damage due to unpredictable weather and the general wear and tear of cooking, your outdoor kitchen requires maintenance.

The grill must shine!

Can you imagine your outdoor kitchen in OKC without a grill? Your summer party will be incomplete without mouthwatering grilled food. You need to maintain the grill to enjoy grilling on it for a long time. Cleaning is the foremost step for grill maintenance. Use tools and materials made specifically for cleaning grills, and don’t forget to cover it after cleaning. If you leave the grill exposed, it will collect dust and dirt, and you will have to clean it again. Another crucial factor that affects a grills’ longevity is rust. Grill experts can help you with a moisture protector to improve the durability of your grill.

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Cover the Countertop

Granite countertops are the most prevalent type used in outdoor kitchens in OKC. There are two main reasons for this choice. First, it gives an awesome finish to your kitchen, and second, it has the great capability of withstanding heat. However, granite countertops can be negatively affected by ultraviolet rays. The solution is sealing. If you seal the stone properly, it will be protected from ultraviolet light.

The patio does not look good with grass

The lawn looks great when neatly mowed, but grass clippings can be bad for your outdoor kitchen. Keep the lawn area separated from the outdoor kitchen. Keep an eye on the kitchen area when mowing, and if you find grass clippings in your kitchen, use a broom or leaf blower to clean them off before they affect the cleanliness and sparkling image of the kitchen.

Stone care and power washing

Experts recommend natural stone over manufactured stone for the façade of your outdoor kitchen. Although manufactured stone often comes with a 30-year warranty, natural stone is millions of years old and will continue to hold up for many more years. The natural stone lasts a long time, but to ensure that it stays clean and attractive, you should power wash it every spring. Power washing removes grill smoke, grease buildup, grass clippings and mildew from the kitchen surface.

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Keep an eye on the seasons

For summer parties, an outdoor kitchen in OKC is ideal. However, if you live in a climate with cold winters, it is better to keep the kitchen appliances disconnected from power during that time. It’s pointless to keep everything hooked up when you are not using it.

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