Types of Grills: Which One Should You Choose?

Types of Grills: Which One Should You Choose?

Did someone say BBQ? The term can make us visualize juicy, mouth-watering burgers or sizzling steaks, and the image can instantly make us hungry. In these summer days, nothing can be better than treating your taste buds with BBQed food.

If you don’t have a grill but want to enjoy BBQs with friends this summer, it’s time to start looking for the perfect grill for you. There are tons of companies offering propane gas grills for sale, including built-in gas grills. But before choosing among the many options, read this post to learn more about the different types of grills.

Here are some popular types of grills categorized by their fuel sources, along with the pros and cons of each, to help you choose the right grill for your needs.

Gas Grills

Gas Grill.jpg

One of the most popular types today is the gas grill. You can run it using natural gas or bottled propane. Gas grills typically use propane, but they can be customized and converted to natural gas. Comparing the two, it can be said that natural gas is less expensive than propane, whereas the functionality and utility are almost same.

If you have a patio or outdoor kitchen and are interested in a propane gas grill, note that you can opt for a built-in gas grill. You also have the choice of porcelain-covered steel bars, iron grates, bent stainless steel sheets or stainless steel bars. Proper maintenance can elongate its durability.

Pros and Cons

Gas grills offer faster results, especially since you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning up charcoal. However, you may need to compromise a little in terms of the flavor. If the smell of charcoal appeals to you the most, you may be a little disappointed by a gas grill. Propane gas grills also tend to be a little pricier than other options.

Charcoal Grills

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If the unique smell and flavor of charcoal is what you’re after, a charcoal grill is for you. The smoke from the charcoal imparts a mouth-watering flavor to meat and veggies. The kettle style is the traditional style of charcoal grills, but now the grills are available in many sizes and shapes, like the horizontal barrel grills. The traditional style is considered the most popular. There are some common drawbacks of charcoal grills, but despite those, they are the most popular type of grill. When taste is the key factor, you just can’t deny the appeal of charcoal.

Pros and Cons

Charcoal burns at a hotter temperature than gas, making the meat more tender, absorb the spices better and cook well. But it may cut a hole in your pocket, because charcoal costs more than propane. Apart from that, it is a time-consuming process, which may test your patience, but the results are worth it.

Electric Grills

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You can also opt for an electric grill on which to cook your meat. With this option, you don’t need fire to heat it. The grill plates are heated with electricity, just like the stove in your kitchen. However, this feature doesn’t necessarily make the grill a typical indoor thing; you can purchase one for either indoor or outdoor use. If fire regulations prevent you from using charcoal or propane gas grills, this may be the option for you. Before you go out and buy one, though, be sure that the local laws and building regulations do not prohibit electric grills as well.

Pros and Cons

Although this type of grill cuts out the hassle of cooking with fire, you may be disappointed by the taste. Food cooked on an electric grill may look as delicious as charcoal grilled food, but it will lack the smoky flavor.

Portable Grills

Potrtable grill.jpg

No matter what the base material is for grilling your food, it may have more appeal to you if it is portable. Vacations, small trips and day outings this summer can be even more exciting if you can bring along a portable grill. A portable grill is simply a small replica of what you choose to grill your meat on at home. It can be a propane gas grill, electric gas grill or charcoal gas grill. Despite their small size, portable grills tend to be very durable.

Pros and Cons

Portability with the quality you expect from its larger version is the major advantage of this type of grill. However, a portable grill is not suitable for feeding a group of 50 people. If you want to cook for your immediate family or a small group of friends while traveling, this type of grill may be perfect for you.

The idea of the best grill may vary from person to person. Therefore, before choosing the best grill for you, you need to set your priorities: taste, time and budget. Then, choose the perfect grill for your needs.