Make the Right Choice When Buying Outdoor Patio Heaters

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There is no comparison to spending time with your dear ones on the patio in early summer or spring. Watching the sunset together with a glass of wine is something the patio is made for. However, there can be an interruption: the weather. When evening follows the afternoon, the temperature starts to fall, and a chilling wind can spoil your mood. This is what outdoor patio heaters are for. Whatever the temperature, if you have outdoor heaters, even chilly winds and falling temperatures can’t ruin your evening.

Before Buying an Outdoor Heater

People often complain about the cost, performance and excessive electricity bill for electric patio heaters. Therefore, you need to understand the pros and cons when choosing the right outdoor patio heaters for your patio. Whatever is trending may not suit you, so you should look through all the available options and get the best one according to your priorities. Here are some tips to help you choose the right heater for your space.


The size and shape of your patio, number of people you tend to have over, and situations or events you frequently use it for are important factors to consider to choose the right outdoor heater. Depending on your needs, your options include a tabletop heater, traditional firepit, electric heater and many more. American Propane can provide you with a detailed description of each product, including size and type, so that you can make up your mind.



The cost of outdoor patio heaters is mostly decided by the fuel demand. There are propane gas, natural gas, electric and wood heaters. If you go with propane gas, the performance will be great, as it heats up faster, but the cost is high. On the other hand, natural gas is cheaper than propane and ideal for outdoor usage, but the installation is a little difficult. The electric heater is the safest to use and doesn’t require installation, but the maintenance cost is high, and it requires an uninterrupted electric connection to run. Wood is the best choice for many people because of the ambiance it creates at an affordable price.


Many options are available for outdoor patio heaters in terms of design. One option is a floor standing patio heater, which is typically a gas heater. A sleek finish with good performance adds to the appeal.

Wall mounted heaters and hanging heaters belong to the same category of electric heaters. They are both easy to install and capable of making the place warm and comfortable.

If you are searching for a small heater, a tabletop heater may be the best choice. These are available as either gas or electric. Of course, they will heat a smaller area than the other options.

The most traditional outdoor patio heaters are firepits and chimneys. Both are dependent on wood as the fuel source. The basic models of firepits are affordable, but if you want a fancy or vintage style, you need to pay a little more.


While choosing a heater, you must keep safety measures in mind. With the exception of electric heaters, there are flammable objects inside the heater, so that it can heat up fast. Any mishandling may invite disastrous consequences. If you have children at your home, you should install the heater out of their reach to prevent accidents.



When you are investing in a heater you will want it to last a long time. Therefore, you should think about the durability too, or you may have to replace the heater repeatedly. As you are going to set this up outside, it must be able to handle weather elements. You can consult American Propane to find the right one for your purpose.

When it’s time to enjoy summer evenings in your yard, you won’t want to compromise the enjoyment, right? But your budget is also a substantial factor. Therefore, it is best to choose the right combination with which you’ll have the least scope of compromise. American Propane can help you out with the best outdoor patio heaters to fit your requirements.