11 Best Outdoor Smoker Recipes

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Smokers and grills are indeed fascinating for the people who love smoked and grilled food. Now, who does not like a plate of grilled steak or salmon or prawn? If you are confident enough having the best outdoor smokers in your backyard, it’s time to try out some new dishes and enjoy with your family and friends.

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Chicken Wings

For making this recipe, the experts recommend using pecan or wood hickory. It is an easy recipe to be served in any occasion as starters. Though chicken wings are not traditionally cooked in smokers, this recipe can bring you enough joy of eating.

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Applewood Smoked Turkey

Can you imagine Thanksgiving without smoked turkey? Let’s try this recipe where you can make the same turkey in a different manner. The smoking would be done in applewood and gravy should be cider bourbon.

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Smoked Butt of Pork

Like the shoulder part, the butt is also a delicious part of pork. The cooking is pretty simple with the salt water soaking and rubbing of right seasoning.

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Smoked Salmon

This is one of the favorite dishes of all, smoked Salmon fish. This is not an instant recipe. You need to marinate the fish for 20 hours at least, cooled and dried completely. Using a vacuum sealed bag is the best option to store it.



Cooking it for four hours in the smoker, adding beer and cook in the oven for another four hours is the one recipe that people love eating. All you need is one of the best outdoor smokers for the unique taste.  



One of the best outdoor smokers, beef steak, pepper jack cheese and a little bit of Jack Daniel are all what you need to make this delicious serve.

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Whole Chicken

You can stuff the chicken with cheese and bacon or else use cheese and normal spices. Smoke it whole. It will take two to three hours and the temperature should be set in 250 degrees.

Now something for those people who do not like meat. If you are not a meat-lover, you can use your smoker for preparing some veg dishes as well.

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Devil Eggs

Boil the egg, bring out the semi-boiled yolks and smoke them with added-spices and other veggies. Put them again all over the half eggs and serve with the spices and cheese.

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Cheese Macaroni

Add water in macaroni along with the spices and half boil it. Spread some mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar on it and smoke it. Garnish with spring onions and cheese shreds.

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Jalapeno Mashed Potato

You can use the best outdoor electric smoker for this recipe. Smashed potato, spices and cheese are all you need under the flame of the smoker.

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Smoked Cheese

Have you tried smoked cheese? The cheese lovers would be excited to try this out. One ingredient and one appliance and you are done.

If you want to try these recipes, you need a good smoker. If you are confused about the best one among outdoor smokers of several companies, American Propane is there to help you out. You will get smokers from different manufacturers here and pick your one. There are different kinds of smokers of grills available for different types of dishes, but keep in mind that all are best-in-class and designed for enthusiast cook like you.